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My name is Ringo Mok and I am a secondary school Mathematics teacher in Sydney, Australia. I studied HSC Mathematics Extension II in high school and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) as well as a Master of Teaching from the University of Sydney. 

Professionally, I have teaching experience in both the HSC and IB. I am keen to share my knowledge and expertise in Mathematics with all students and teachers alike. So on this website you will find various resources for high school Mathematics such as interesting Questions (and Answers), extra worksheets and problems, and blog ideas about teaching Mathematics.

My personal blog is at www.moksifu.com.


  • Mathematics Q&A: Some interesting problems and their solutions. If you have any interesting questions you’d like me to share (or do), feel free to contact me.
  • Resources: Extra learning resources for personal study or the classroom.
  • Blog: Some things I think about related to teaching and Mathematics.

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