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The Slide Rule Watch

Now that’s a word that’s a blast from the past: The Slide Rule. I was born in 1991 and when I was old enough to learn about numbers, the digital calculator has already replaced the slide rule – an analogue calculator that, as the name suggests, required the physical...
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Statistics in the New HSC

One notable addition to the HSC new syllabus is the topic of Statistical Analysis which has been missing from the Stage 6 Calculus courses since time before I was born. This post is just a rambling of my thoughts on the topic: my initial reactions, a keen kindling of...
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Things to Reconsider: The Integral of \(\frac{1}{x}\)

Absolute Absolutes? Consider the following integral: \[\int \frac{1}{x}\,dx = \log_e|x| + C\] When learning this integral, teachers often stress the need to include the absolute value signs. The reasoning behind this is often to do with the fact that the logarithm of a negative number is undefined. However, is...
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