My Solutions to 2023 HSC Mathematics Extension II

Here’s a link to my solutions: Here’s a video I quickly recorded explaining the solution to the last question in the 2023 HSC Mathematics Extension II paper. This question made the Sydney Morning Herald: also featured my video here!

The Language of Proof in HSC

Related Content Outcome MEX-P1 The Nature of Proof This post will primarily look at the following dot-point from page 28 of the Extension II syllabus: use the formal language of proof, including the terms statement, implication, converse, negation and contrapositive (ACMSM024) –  use the symbols for implication (⇒), equivalence (⇔) and equality (=) , demonstrating a clear understanding of the… Continue reading The Language of Proof in HSC

Dangerous Moivres

Related Content Outcomes: MEX-N2 Using Complex Numbers N2.1: Solving Equations with Complex Numbers Terrible Puns, Terrible Maths Excuse the terrible pun on “dangerous moves” in the title (I thought it was brilliant) but it’s to highlight the all too common mistake made by students (and teachers) of elementary high school mathematics of overlooking necessary assumptions… Continue reading Dangerous Moivres