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No, You Don’t Need Quadratic Formula

On the MANSW Facebook page, a fellow teacher from another school threw this question to the brain’s trust. All the answers provided to the problem by others used the Quadratic Formula, but the Algebra from those solutions was not exactly clean. Personally, I don’t think getting the answer in...
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Maximum Volume of Cylinder Inside Cone

This question was seen in the GCSE 1985 paper as well as more recently the New South Wales HSC 2015 Mathematics paper. That kinda proves the recycling of questions over time and across different education systems. This is a question I like due to the purely algebraic nature of...
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An Interesting Quartic Equation

An interesting equation that doesn’t use the usual methods, such as Factor Theorem, in the topic of Polynomials. This is one of my favourite problems because it only uses techniques from Algebra and Quadratics to solve. Question Solve for : Solution...
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